Martingale Betting System


Martingale is a system that roulette players should be very familiar with. The game is played as follows: You place a basic amount on any bet – ideally a bet with the best possible chance of winning, for example on the “Pass Line”.

If you win, you repeat the bet. If you lose, on the other hand, you double the amount – until you win again.

In fact, the Martingale system – although it seems so simple – works wonderfully. But only if you have an infinitely large bankroll. And take a seat at a table with no table limit.

Neither of these exist in reality. Your bankroll is limited and the size of the stakes at the tables is also limited (also to put a stop to Martingales and similar systems).

In addition to Martingale, there are also other progressive betting systems (such as the D’Alembert or the Fibonacci system), some of which allow a flatter progression. That means you can lose more often. What all systems have in common, however, is that no profits can be expected in the long term.

Parity Hedge Betting System

In addition to systems that don’t work, there are even systems that are fictitious. The parity hedge system is one of them. Allegedly, the player should place various bets, which – similar to the Iron Cross System – should ensure that streaks of bad luck can be withstood. If you are lucky, you can expect high profits.

It is not known exactly how the system is supposed to work. And it can’t work either. It is simply impossible to beat the house edge by placing countless bets. This can be proven mathematically quite easily.

Parity hedge is very likely to be classified as a fairy tale. The background story goes back to the 1970s. The events culminate in a high-stakes player who ran away with a hell of a lot of money won with the strategy.

It probably never happened and it probably never happened.

Boozer’s Delight System

The Boozer’s Delight System owes its name to its project: to get free drinks in Las Vegas without taking too high a risk. The drinks are waved at the tables from a certain turnover. Boozer’s Delight aims to achieve sales – with minimal risk.

To do this, a basic amount is placed on the Pass Line and three times that amount on the Don’t Pass bet. If a 7 or 11 is rolled, you lose twice the basic amount. If a number is marked as a point, you place double the basic amount on the odds additional bet.

High profits are by no means to be expected with this system. However, as already stated, this is not the stated aim at all. The system is by no means recommended online, because on the one hand the drinks will be omitted, but on the other hand the system will always lose (the house advantage cannot be overcome).

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